"Now, I am a staunch believer in the dance as an effective and fun component that makes all young people love the classes. It makes sense and its works. They showed us exactly how in training. "

- Hilary Brennan November 2009
New Jersey

"Keep the monthly e-bulletins coming my way. I was just recently asked to be a judge for a cupcake challenge and the e-bulletin on how to eat a cupcake was so timely. The continued support and education I receive each month is an on-gong benefit of training."

- Benan Boke November 2008

"ELI's classes teach our students how to have a high "civility I.Q.," and they play a supporting role in preparing our students to be future leaders. Their creative, fun and hands-on teaching is relevant and valuable for our students as it teaches them how to be good global citizens, and the students and staff couldn't be more pleased with the results of the program. Truly outstanding!"

- Ron Clark
Founder, Ron Clark Academy
Ron Clark Academy

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