"The Etiquette & leadership Institute delivers what it promises! It was very professional. The school has a record of providing high quality education. I live outside of the USA and almost all of my correspondence was by e-mail; I was very impressed with the first correspondence I had with the owners. I was hoping to add to my skill set in the etiquette portion and I love the social dance. It is something new and I can add it into my teaching of etiquette. And, I have found that it really does work because it is fun for the young people. "

- Lizette Donnai, Malaga Spain, ELI November 2010

"I will always remember the "Introduction" portion of training. And, every time I teach this portion to children the mental picture I have is from training. Because it was well prepared and well presented, I taught this section the week I returned to my community."

- April Ripley, April ELI 2009

"Hello my friends, I just wanted to let you know that I conducted my first class today! Whew....I was very nervous but once I got started I think I would have made you proud. I had 18 students. Two moms called just thirty minutes before class began to see if there were spots open...of course, there was! I knew you would be happy for me so I wanted to share my good news. Thank you for all your support! "

- Dawn Jumper, ELI November 2010
The Etiquette Company

"Your energy and encouragement gave me the power to believe in my ideas and realize the potential within me. I wish we could have bottled the enthusiasm that was generated last week so I could drink from it in the coming months. I am excited about the possibilities at hand. "

- Angela Jordan November 2010

"The week spent in training was not only informative but it was also a lot of fun. Getting to meet community dignitaries, work with students every day and being in the training center was fabulous. Who knew learning about flags and titles in introductions and so much more could be so entertaining. I cannot wait to use these fun ideas to teach my classes. "

- Jamie Montemarano June 2009

"I cannot tell you how well prepared I have felt for getting my business off the ground and for actually starting my classes. The materials and training you provide made everything fall into place and everything I have presented to the students and parents has come across in a knowledgeable and professional manner. ELI is providing a wonderful career opportunity for people from all across the globe and I can’t begin to thank you for you help and support. I am truly honored to be able to bring this to my community and I am so excited about what lies ahead. "

- Cindy Rhoden April 2010

"The friends I have made in training and thru the ELI world wide web of etiquette consultants has been an extra bit of serendipity. I traveled from Canada to San Diego to teach with one of my colleagues I met in training. She is not only my colleague but a life-long friend as well."

- Jan Cottle June 2010

"I had attended PSOW in Washington, DC and wanted to return to training for a refresher course. Visiting Athens, Georgia, being in a college town, seeing Perfectly Polished, ELI’s local business in action, was the key. I could not have had a better week for personal revival, motivation, and renewing my own commitment to leadership. "

- Rebecca Pitts April 2009
North Carolina

"Robert Hickey’s presentation on protocol and etiquette was outstanding. When it comes to teaching young people, you must know the important aspects and the differences in both. As Deputy Director of PSOW and ELI, his knowledge and expertise is unmatched."

- Fannie Allen November 2007

"I came to training for the educational curriculum and to learn from 3 very experienced experts who own their own business. I have been a teacher all my life. I wanted to learn from experts - teachers - who taught this curriculum in their own school. I was not interested in learning from someone who only knew this information; I also wanted the knowledge to be real and based on actually experience. "

- Michelle Sperry April 2010

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