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April Showers

Apr 14, 2016

April Showers Bring… Opportunities for ELI Etiquette Consultants to TEACH… Prom Etiquette Wedding Etiquette Dining Etiquette Dressing Etiquette Job and Scholarship Interview Etiquette Savvy Guest Etiquette Conversat...

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Take a Bite Out of Life

Mar 30, 2016

Bigger Picture! The necessity for chewing bite-sized pieces is one of our favorite lessons to teach students. 1. First, you will need 1 large marshmallow, 3 miniature marshmallows, and a napkin. 2. Place your napkin in your lap. 3. Put the large m...

Tagged: dining etiquette, childrens etiquette, leadership, etiquette and leadership institute, training, consultant

Let's Get Down to Business

Mar 15, 2016

Sharper Image…Editing Your Ordinary Image to Create an Extraordinary Perception It’s a numbers game: 14 Facial Muscles to SMILE 72 Facial Muscles to FROWN GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION – 10! 96 days to the next Etiquette and Leadership ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches the training?

Debra Lassiter, Cindy Haygood, April McLean, Robert Hickey, McGinnis Leathers, Jessica Webber are skilled presenters and subject matter experts who are committed to providing you with an in depth learning experience.

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