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Women's Basketball Etiquette Dinner

Jun 17, 2016

Women’s Basketball Etiquette Dinner This past Monday we had the opportunity to teach an etiquette dinner with our local university’s women’s basketball team. We covered a range of topics including: the 7 Ingredients to a Great In...

Tagged: childrens etiquette, college, athletes, dining etiquette, buffet, greeting, first impressions

All Eyes On You!

Apr 6, 2016

We recently taught collegians about the importance of eye contact. If you do not make eye contact 40% – 60% when speaking to someone, you might as well be wearing a bag over your head. Eye contact is juts one of the seven ingredients to a gr...

Tagged: eye contact, etiquette, childrens etiquette, etiquette and leadership institute, introductions, first impressions, training

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