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Sharper Image…Editing Your Ordinary Image to Create an Extraordinary Perception It’s a numbers game: 14 Facial Muscles to SMILE 72 Facial Muscles to FROWN GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION – 10! 96 days to the next Etiquette and Leadership Institute “Train to be a Manners, Etiquette...

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!



Etiquette is not just for 5th graders anymore… Take Dr. Seuss’s advice and join us! Training Dates: June 20-24, 2016 The investment is five days of training and $5,800.00 (U.S.D.), effectively through 2016. Prior to March 1st, there is a 15% reduction in tuition bringing the enrollmen...

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Manners on the Go



We recently had the incredible opportunity to visit New York for Debra’s birthday. We spent plenty of time in an airport and on the plane, fine dining restaurants, and buses. We had a blast, so we brought a little bit of New York back to Athens. We would love to share our new ideas and memo...

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Have the Loveliest Valentine's Day Party Manners



Valentine’s Day party plans? We have you covered! Good party etiquette is a must to be a standout guest. Aside, from your day to day table manners, you will also need to bring your best conversation for a guaranteed good time! To the right you will find ten of the most helpful party etiquet...

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June Training Recap: Tuesday, Field Trips with World Class Teachers



With ELI, you get nothing but the best in terms of your instruction and learning! Not only are Debra and April there all week to guide you through all the lessons effortlessly but also, Deputy Director of the Protocol School of Washington, Robert Hickey, comes in during the week too! Robert will...

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