Jay Remer on New Year's Etiquette


Today’s post comes from Jay H. Remer, Jr., International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette Consultant. Known as “The Etiquette Guy” in the blogosphere, Remer is trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington, and is a frequent columnist for the Telegraph Journal and National Post in Ca...

Tagged: manners, etiquette, golden rule, kindness, respect

Those Two Little Words


In a month marked by gift-giving, many parents are watching their children open presents…and cringing, wondering what’s going to come out of their kids’ mouths. Hopefully, older children will have learned already the art of graciously thanking the giver, no matter what’s in the box. But younger c...

Tagged: gifts, thank you, manners, etiquette

Finding thanks (or something else)


Tomorrow’s the day. Many Americans are gathering with family and friends to celebrate their collective thanks over a gigantic meal. For some people, that prospect is not so easy, whether that’s due to strained family relationships, clashing personalities, or simply shyness. You’ve probably read a...

Tagged: manners, etiquette

Turn off your phone


“Turn off my phone?” you might think. “But I can’t! Are you nuts? I’m expecting a call from my mother/father/husband/wife/brother/sister/babysitter/boss/employee/mechanic…” Obviously, there are times when you are indeed waiting for an important—perhaps life-changing—call. We aren’t suggesting tha...

Tagged: cell phone usage, manners, phone etiquette

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