Holding Your Breath #1


Welcome to Holding Your Breath installment #1! Please don’t really hold your breath — we’re just referring to those moments when adults (especially parents) anxiously watch as children navigate their world, trying to figure out how to treat others. Sometimes, children surprise us with a burst of...

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A real class act


The story has been making the rounds all month: White House advisor Valerie Jarrett was attending a recent Washington dinner when Four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli walked behind her. Jarrett, sitting down, only saw the general’s striped pants that resembled a waiter’s. So she asked him for a gl...

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Time to make the aspic


We have a soft spot for old etiquette guides. Are you young? Modern? Great! This book is for you! (1954, Scholastic) Or maybe you need to grow up a little first. (1962, Harper & Row) Some of the advice dispensed in these books holds true today. Some is completely outdated. Some borders on c...

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LL Cool J cares about etiquette


LL Cool J is quite the family man. Not only is the rapper and actor the featured Celebrity Q & A in the February issue of Family Circle (the hardest part of being a dad? “Remaining open-minded”), but now he’s singing the praises of children’s etiquette. To be more prec...

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Candy hearts and first dates


Ah, Valentine’s Day: a time of red and pink hearts, candy and chocolate (no objections there) and…possibly your very first date, a nerve-wracking time for all involved. Maybe you’re about to go on your first date. Maybe you are the parent of someone who is about to go on a first date. In ei...

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