Welcome to National Etiquette Week


Happy National Etiquette Week! That’s right — the annual celebration since 1997 is happening right now, May 9-13. We think it’s an excellent way to remind us all about manners and why they truly exist: to be kind and courteous to others. That’s the heart of etiquette, really. We love all of the d...

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The Humble Napkin


Napkins are one of those elements of etiquette that are completely practical: they keep your clothes and (in a pinch) your face clean. They were even more useful to our ancient ancestors, whose mealtimes resembled miniature baths. Let’s talk about cutlery first. Forks first appeared in 11t...

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Moments in history!


Ever wonder about our ancestors’ early sense of manners? Around 2500 B.C., “The Instructions of Ptahhotep” (sometimes called “The Maxims of Ptahhotep,” or “The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep”) was the Emily Post of the day – if Post had been grand vizie...

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Hunting Easter eggs & good manners


We’re at the tail end of prime Easter egg hunting season — the big day is this Sunday. But it’s not too late to talk about etiquette for the cluster of last-minute hunts and get-togethers. For your consideration: • Those who receive invitations to an egg hunt should not only RSVP promptly, but ...

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Holding Your Breath #4


A friend of ours admits that using heightened manners around her preschool-aged daughter sometimes feels a little strange. It’s not that she and her husband are usually rude to each other — although she jokes that, if alone, she’d be much more likely to tell him “Move!” than th...

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