School's, get a job!


Around here, school’s out for the summer! Teenagers everywhere are searching for summer jobs — which means résumé writing, possibly for the very first time. A teenager’s first résumé will look different from an experienced applicant’s, but it can still help land a job. DO include: • All of your c...

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N.E.W. Day 5: Free Friday!


As National Etiquette Week draws to a close, we celebrate… FREE FRIDAY! We understand the importance of living frugally, especially in this economy. People everywhere are learning new ways to save money, and partly for that reason there’s been a resurging interest in the old ways of living: growi...

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N.E.W. Day 4: Thank You Thursday!


Today is Day 4 of National Etiquette Week, which we’re calling… THANK YOU THURSDAY! Let’s face it: for the most part, letter-writing is becoming a lost art. We have texting and e-mail and instant messaging and chat and Facebook and Twitter…why should we take the time to pick up a pen ...

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N.E.W. Day 3: Welcome Wednesday!


Today is Day 3 of National Etiquette Week, otherwise known around these parts as… WELCOME WEDNESDAY! We don’t mean saying, “You’re welcome” (although that’s important, too). We mean creating a welcoming environment for others. How do you do that? With yourself, of course! Think of three things: •...

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N.E.W. Day 2: Tip 'Em Tuesday!


Today is Day 2 of National Etiquette Week. We call it… TIP ‘EM TUESDAY! Have you ever heard the story of “T.I.P.”? There is more than one, including a little controversy. The story goes that it stands for “To Insure Promptness,” and that once upon a time, customers would p...

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