Go Team!



Cheering on your local college ON and OFF the field. Athletes represent their Alma Mater on and off the field. They need to be OUTSTANDING. Five Personal Development Tools: 1. Dining at the table while interacting with donors 2. Introducing themselves to fans 3. Dressing appropriately when attend...

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April Showers



April Showers Bring… Opportunities for ELI Etiquette Consultants to TEACH… Prom Etiquette Wedding Etiquette Dining Etiquette Dressing Etiquette Job and Scholarship Interview Etiquette Savvy Guest Etiquette Conversation Etiquette Travel Etiquette Receiving Lin...

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All Eyes On You!



We recently taught collegians about the importance of eye contact. If you do not make eye contact 40% – 60% when speaking to someone, you might as well be wearing a bag over your head. Eye contact is juts one of the seven ingredients to a great introduction. We will share the other six ingr...

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Take a Bite Out of Life



Bigger Picture! The necessity for chewing bite-sized pieces is one of our favorite lessons to teach students. 1. First, you will need 1 large marshmallow, 3 miniature marshmallows, and a napkin. 2. Place your napkin in your lap. 3. Put the large marshmallow in your mouth and try to chew it polite...

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HAND Me Some of Those Manners



Recently, we had the pleasure of teaching for a Career Service event at Augusta University! See what these college students learned and put into practice! ONE HANDS LENGTH This is the correct distance your body should be from the table to ensure a clean tie and shirt! HAND JIVE Fold your index fi...

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