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Monday Manners

One of our own ELI Certified, Sarah Allgood, is spreading her wealth of knowledge in her own community. As the Alumni Relations Coordinator at The Cannon School in North Carolina, Sarah has plenty of opportunities to share her expertise. Sarah started Monday Manners when she discovered the need for a weekly lesson in professional development and leadership that the young alumni of her school could take and use as they continue to navigate their way through the beginning of each of their careers. Take a look below at Sarah’s take on Business Card Etiquette.

Good morning friends,

Happy first week of April and happy Masters week!

Last week, several of us attended a conference in Greensboro, NC and after meeting another alumni relations person from a Charlotte-area school, I realized I had broken a business etiquette rule: NO BUSINESS CARDS.

Poor form self, poor form.

So in light of my own mishap, today’s topic is: business card etiquette

-Never leave the office without a few (new-looking) cards in your jacket pocket or card carrier/purse
-If you know you’ll be interacting with someone in the future, ask for their card and then give them one of yours in return
-When you offer your card, hand it over with the text/information facing the other person
-When you receive another person’s card, don’t just stash it away immediately, take a moment to look at it (**also a great time to remind yourself of his/her name so you don’t forget)
-Only offer one card to a person (instead of several, which might assume that person is eager to share your card with other people? Likely not the case)
-Try not to offer your card in the middle of a social event (unless directly asked!), and certainly not in the middle of a social meal that’s unrelated to business

PS, taking orders for pimento cheese sandwiches for Friday lunch (sorry, no egg salad) – green baggie not included.


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